Funeral Merchandise

Our selection of funeral products is designed to offer you the widest array of ways to pay tribute to your loved one. Whether you are in need of a burial or cremation casket, an urn, burial vault, or even custom, personalized items.

Our large selection room includes a variety of wood and metal caskets, and those made of alternative materials.                                       

Burial Vaults
A vault is often a personal choice.  It is a concrete container that the casket is placed into at the time of burial.  However some rural cemeteries do require the use of vaults due to soil conditions. 

Cremation Urns
Our collection includes traditional urns made from wood, marble, ceramic, or bronze; as well as biodegradable urns for scattering.

Cremation Vaults
A cremation vault will protect the urn when it is to be interred in the ground.  Cremation vaults are optional and are not mandatory for interment. 

Memorial Stationery
We have a variety of stationary packages available that can be personalized to reflect the loved one. 

We have a wide variety of keepsake items including keepsake urns, jewellery and finger printing options.