Traditional Funeral Service in Funeral Home Chapel

Our Traditional Funeral Service includes an evening visitation followed by a funeral service at our beautiful funeral chapel the following day, or services can take place all in one day with visitation in our visitation room with a funeral service held in our chapel.


Basic Professional Fee's$440.00

Co-ordinating activities, rites, ceremonies

  • Services of funeral director, staff and overhead 

Staff for Visitation 

  • Services of our funeral director(s) and staff in coordinating and supervising the visitation (one visitation period) 

Staff for Ceremony 

  • Services of our funeral director(s) and staff in organizing and directing the funeral service

Minimum Decedent Care

  • Dressing and casketing

Preparation and Embalming of the Deceased

  •  Embalming procedures 

Transfer of the Deceased

  • Removal and transfer of deceased from the place of death to the funeral home within 100 kilometers 

Documentation – permits, forms, etc.

  • Completing and/or obtaining any necessary forms or documentation 


Shelter Remains

  • Use of facilities for sheltering of the deceased 


  • Use of our facility for the visitation (one visitation period)
  • Use of lower lounge during visitation 


  •  Use of our facility for the funeral service


Funeral Coach

  •  Transportation of deceased to cemetery or crematorium

Lead Car

  • Transportation of clergy and / or lead funeral cortege

General Purpose Vehicle

  • Registration of all necessary documentation, transportation of pallbearers, flower and equipment delivery, etc.

Family Limousine

  • Transportation of family

All services are subject to applicable taxes.

A complimentary aftercare service is offered to all families regardless of the service type free of charge. Download our free flyer.

Do you have any questions about our Traditional Funeral Service with a service in our Funeral Home Chapel? Please feel free to give us a call or fill out our online form to ask your question.

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