Funeral Service Options

Since 1989 Northwood Funeral Home Cremation And Reception Centre has been serving the families of Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding area. We pride ourselves in being a locally owned funeral home.

We offer complete funeral services based upon the families wishes, compassion, tradition and trust, with competitive prices to fit any budget. We have designed it to assist you in planning the appropriate funeral arrangements for you and your family. Together with our trained and experienced funeral directors, we will assist you in making informed and knowledgeable decisions.

We understand that funeral expenses can be unexpected. We offer flexible payment options and do not require any money down when making funeral arrangements.

At Northwood Funeral Home Cremation And Reception Centre we offer all options in the way of burial and cremation services. Whether a family chooses a traditional funeral service with cremation, a direct disposition or some where in between, we can provide all the services that the local “Cremation Centres” offer.

We are here to serve you in your time of need and to provide you with the services that you desire.

Thank you for making our home, your home.

Review our Service Offerings that we offer here at Northwood Funeral Home:

Download our General Price List to view all of our prices for our services and merchandise that we offer. (Last Updated - August 9, 2022)