Ranger Consack

Obituary of Ranger James Earl Consack

Hi, Ranger James Earl Consack here.  I took my first breath on April 18th, 2021 and my last on May 29th, 2021.  I want you all to know that while I only lived in this form for a very short time, my life was incredibly full.  You see, I have two amazing parents Johanna Elizabeth Peattie and Kody James Consack.  It only took me minutes to wrap them both around my tiny little fingers, and have them running to suit whatever whim, fancy, or need I may have had.  In fact, they were so attuned and attentive, it is because of them and their quick thinking I was given a chance to both meet and say goodbye to a whole lot of those who loved me SO much.

I lived my life as if I knew I was only going to be here for a short time.  You see, I loved being awake and alert and figured I could leave the sleeping for later.  And… truthfully, when I was awake the grown ups around me would fawn over me, giggle with me, and snuggle me.  I really loved that part the best. The snuggles.  

I hope my people forgive me, because I was a bit of a prankster.  My favourite was watching those silly grown ups play “the nose knows” to see who won the privilege of changing my soiled diaper.  If I timed it just right, what was meant for my diaper landed on them - Hahahahahahaha!  The best was seeing their reactions, especially my dad’s. 

Please take care of my people, especially my mostest beautiful mom and my super strongest dad.  My grammas, my KoKo, my grandpas, aunties, uncles and cousins may also need some extra love, because I won’t be there to give it to them.  I hope they know how much I love them, because I sure did know how much I meant to them.

Let me tell you this:  I am the luckiest human.  My life knew only love, adoration, nurturing, happiness, and contentment.  The love that radiated off of all you (especially in those last hours) was so intense it made my last moments kinda blissful.  

Oh, I don’t wanna forget to mention that the care I received both at Sault Area Hospital, and then at London’s Victoria Hospital’s PCCU was outstanding!  Thank you for being so kind, caring and gentle with me, my parents, and my peoples that were able to be here with us.  It gave me some comfort knowing that you guys helped them hurt just a little bit less.

Wanna know something cool?  That owl that you guys saw at the hospital was here for me.  She waited until my Spirit was ready, and then she helped guide me to where I needed to be next.  Don’t worry mom, dad and my peoples - I’ve already been by to see you a bunch of times.  Please, don’t feel guilty for laughing or living because as we know, tomorrow is not a promise.

With all of my love, Ranger Danger.

p.s. My parents would love it if you chose to donate to one of these very special places, to help make sure other families get the same amazing care we did:  Ronald McDonald House, Sault Area Hospital or London’s Victoria Hospital’s PCCU.